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Air Coil Assembly

Gladhands and Air Coiled Assemblies

-Meets or Exceeds SAE J844 and DOT standards
-1/2” Fittings

Catalog #Description
19-0554” Fifth Wheel Slider Coil
19-1212’ Coiled air set – Red/Blue
19-1515’ Coiled air set – Red/Blue
19-4015’ Coiled air set – Red/BlueWith one 40” lead
19-12H12’ Coiled air set – Red/Bluew/Extended Handle
19-15H15’ Coiled air set – Red/Blue w/Extended Handle
19-40H15’ Coiled air set – Red/BlueWith one 40” lead w/Extended Handle

GLADHANDS – Aluminum, Iron, Shutoff
-Meet SAE J318

Catalog #Description
19-08Aluminum Gladhand – ServiceW/Black Rubber Seal
19-09Aluminum Gladhand – EmergencyW/Black Rubber Seal
19-10Aluminum Gladhand – UniversalW/Black Rubber Seal
19-18Iron Gladhand – ServiceW/Blue Polyurethane Seal
19-19Iron Gladhand – EmergencyW/Red Polyurethane Seal
19-20Iron Gladhand – UniversalW/Black Polyurethane Seal
19-28Shutoff Aluminum  Gladhand – Service W/Blue Polyurethane Seal
19-29Shutoff Aluminum Gladhand – Emergency W/Red Polyurethane Seal

GLADHAND SEALS – Rubber, Polyurethane

Catalog #Description
19-01Gladhand Seal – Black Rubber
19-02Gladhand Seal – Black Polyurethane
19-03Gladhand Seal – Red Polyurethane
19-04Gladhand Seal – Blue Polyurethane